Product Features

  • 3D coating contains Nano reinforced particles & Nano diamond crystals .These particles make coating itself more durable and allow 3D (Hologramic ) effect on cooking surface .
  • Anodizing reinforcement surface treatment prior to coating process will prohibit oxidization /efflorescence and absolutely prevents Extraction of any of oxidized aluminum particles onto cooking surface. A absolutedly no harmful to human body.


  • 3D coating fundamentally prevents any of oxidization with anodizing reinforcement surface treatment.
  • Nano diamond and Nano reinforcement particles enables coating more durable .
  • No extraction of oxidized aluminum particle onto cooking surface after cast aluminum body being oxidized .
  • 3D coating generated ANION( Negative ion )


  • Good for health
  • (1) Blood cleaning .
    (2) Naturally antidepressing
    (3) Immune strengthening ( resistance ) and hygiene keeping
  • Good effects for cooking .
  • (1) Dissolves unpleasant smell
    (2) Inhibits the germs from reproduction Nano reinforced particle denerates 3D effect.Pattern design on cooking surface will look different from different angles of view you are looking .
  • Decrease amount
  • Increase amount
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